What do I believe?


My name is Friedrich Rubinstein. I gave my life to Jesus 24 years ago (in 2000) when I realized that there is  a God and that Jesus is the only way to be justified in God's eyes. The basis for my beliefs is the Bible and the Bible only, I am not part of any church. I believe that the texts of the Bible were given by the Holy Spirit to be written down as they are (as explained here). Therefore the only thing that saves us from going to hell for all eternity is Jesus' death on the cross on Golgotha 2000 years ago. I believe that God himself became a human being in Jesus and reconciled us with himself this way if we believe and accept his gift of salvation.

When you open your heart to Jesus and invite him into your life you will start a personal relationship with the living God - I have experienced it for many years and can witness to it myself. Since I let Jesus into my life I got a peace deep inside me that nothing else was ever able to give me. It's a peace that is not dependent on external circumstances; life can be sad and cruel and it often is, but nothing can destroy that peace that's based on knowing that God watches over you and that he will turn everything into something good in the end. Often things in life seem to be a setback or it just does not work the way you want it to. But if you truly trust in God then he will bring you to the point where you understand why it had to happen. Sometimes it is years later when you look back and you realize: "Wow, if it had worked the way I wanted it back then, then I would not be as far as I am now. Thank you, Jesus!".

"If that what we want does not happen, then something will happen that is better" - Martin Luther

Being in a personal relationship with Jesus will change you. It will change your personality and the way you see the world to how Jesus himself is and sees the world. While he slowly transforms your personality to become similar to his own personality you will learn to see the people around you with Jesus' eyes, to love them for who they are, created by God, and you will evolve a blazing fire inside your heart for those lost souls, to tell them about their creator and savior Jesus Christ, their only hope and salvation. Hell is a reality, and no matter how little you like your neighbour, you will not want him to go to hell for all eternity.

When you start understanding what God did, that the almighty God humbled himself and became a human being to die for your sins - that God loves you so much that he bore torture, dishonor and crucifixion not as God but as a human like you and I - you will not only be awestruck but also develop a love for this Jesus that grows the more you get to know him. When you really love a friend you will do your best to avoid doing things he/she does not want you to do. How much more will you put effort into not doing things that Jesus asks you to stop doing? This is the deep secret of true believers: everything is allowed because Jesus' blood freed us from laws and sin, but because we are thankful for him giving his life for us and because we love him so much that it hurts us when people talk scornful about him we freely subordinate our own will to his will. Especially because we know that God is not only good but also omniscient, so we can rely on him and trust him that his will is greater than ours. What we want is not always what we need and what we need is not always what we want but God knows better and gives us what we need.